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Resin bound paving is a mixture of small aggregate stones and resin utilised for surfacing footpaths and driveways. Resin driveways provide a distinctive and clean appearance compared to other alternatives – the main reason behind its popularity. Also, resin driveways have an impressive longevity of up to three decades, making them a highly favourable choice.

First Choice Driveways and Surfacing creates the finest resin driveways in West Yorkshire. Our specialists have years of experience and deliver high-quality work according to your expectations. We have the latest tools and provide services for commercial and residential properties.

Why Choose Resin Driveways?

Durable: The most significant benefit of resin driveways is that they are durable, long-lasting, and resistant to harsh weather.

Low Maintenance: They are effortless to maintain and require very low maintenance. Once in a while, brushing and washing can be enough for resin driveways to last for years.

Weed Resistant: Our resin driveways are resistant to weeds. The surface doesn’t allow anything to penetrate and grow inside it.

Aesthetically Pleasing: Resin driveways are famous for their beautiful appearance, enhancing the overall appearance of your property.

Enhance Property Value: Resin-bound driveways can increase your property value, making your home more visually appealing and being the centre of attention for the buyer.

Flat Surface: Resin bound driveways are flat and smooth surfaces compared to resin bonded.

Design Choice and Flexibility: Resin driveways are unlimited in choices; you can choose any design, colour, or pattern that suits your style.

Slip Resistant: The resin-bound driveway has minimum risks of slipping.

Quick Installation: Resin driveways can be laid over the existing surface, so the installation process is quick.

Efficient Drainage

Natural drainage quality reduces the driveway flooding risk.

Easy Maintenance

Easy to handle small indents and loose stones.

Cost Effective

Comparatively lower per meter square gravel laying cost.

Quick Installation

Easy installation, requiring less time to get prepared.

How We Undertake the Installation of Resin Driveways

The installation process is quick, but it is vital to make the driveway last longer. Therefore, engaging resin driveway specialists is essential. Following are the steps for our installation:

Step 1: Under Surface

Starting installation from scratch, we help you decide on the base suitable for you: tarmac or concrete. Concrete is durable, while tarmac has more permeability. A smooth and compact 150mm subbase is required for both.

Step 2: Base

The next step involves laying the base:

  • 75mm for tarmac
  • 125mm for concrete

We make sure the base is smooth and levelled. Once the base is set, we start making the mixture.

Step 3: Mixture

In this step, we mix the aggregate in the mixer, then add the resin and kiln sand to strengthen the mixture. We carefully mix each batch and note the time because the variation in mixing times can cause a colour change.

Step 4: Laying the Surface

We pour the resin at a depth of 12mm, then spread the mixture over the driveway and make sure it is levelled. We ensure to make a smooth mixture by using a float towel.

Resin Bound Driveway
Resin Bound Driveways

Cost of Resin Driveways

The price of resin driveway in West Yorkshire per 20m2 is £1000 to £1300. However, some factors can affect the cost of resin driveways, such as:

  • Size and shape of the area
  • Current base and its condition
  • Design and colour
  • Aggregate type
  • Installation process

Resin Driveway Experts

First Choice Driveways and Surfacing are the expert resin driveway contractors in West Yorkshire. We provide fully customised services according to the customer’s demand. We utilise advanced methods and techniques to deliver quality work.

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No, they are highly resistant to fading. They contain UV stabilisers, which prevent them from breaking down and discolouring.

If the installation process is finely carried out, it should never suffer cracks. Cracks in resin driveways mostly happen due to poor installation.

Waiting time for resin driveways to set is 6-8 hours, and waiting 24 hours before driving a vehicle is recommended.

It totally depends upon the size of the stone, but the minimum depth should be 16mm.

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