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1st Choice Driveways & Surfacing is a commercial concrete contractor in West Yorkshire with all the expertise to complete the construction projects effectively. We have complete knowledge of local building codes and regulations, ensuring all the work complies with legal rules. Working closely with the project’s architect and general contractor, we complete the work according to the plan by incorporating all the unique specifications.

With us, you do not need to worry about the timely completion of the projects; we have experience dealing with tight budgets and deadlines and house a complete team of expert workers and specialised equipment to complete the project efficiently and timely.

Possessing advanced knowledge and expertise in concrete technology and construction, we fully understand the importance of strict adherence to the building standards to ensure the finished structure’s safety and structural integrity.

What We Do?

We are the unmatched commercial concrete contractors near you, providing the following services to businesses and other commercial buildings:

  • Installation of Decorative Concrete Features
  • Pouring New Concrete Foundations and Floors
  • Repairing, Restoring, and Maintaining Existing Concrete Structures

We have all the required equipment and tools for handling large-scale projects related to office buildings, shopping malls, warehouses, etc.

What Do We Build?

As the most experienced and qualified contractors, we have worked on different projects of small and large scale to build:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Office Buildings
  • Commercial Properties
  • Industrial Buildings, etc.

We also construct:

  • Bridges
  • Roads
  • Other Infrastructure Projects

For every construction project type and, we implement strict safety standards and follow the industry’s best practices.

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We Use Specialised Equipment

Providing professional commercial concrete services, we specialise in using various kinds of equipment to complete construction projects, such as:

  • Mixers
  • Pumps
  • Finishing Tools

Being proficient in using all tools and equipment, we handle everything from minor structural repairs to large‐scale construction projects. We complete all commercial and industrial projects, making the constructed infrastructures robust and safe by following the highest quality standards.

We Build Safe Concrete Structures

As the leading commercial concrete company, we use advanced equipment and techniques to ensure each project is completed to the highest standards. We lay solid foundations for your building structure and repair existing structures by devising expert solutions, ensuring durability and optimal safety.

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It would be best if you asked for the references from the contractors as proof of their previous work. It allows you to understand their work quality, expertise, and professionalism. It will also help you become more confident and satisfied while handing over your project to a particular contractor

Concrete contractors are responsible for completing various tasks related to commercial construction projects, ranging from foundations and floor pouring to wall construction. They collaborate closely with the architects, engineers, and construction managers, ensuring the incorporation of all specifications and the fulfilment of all regulations.

The cost of hiring industrial concrete contractors depends on various factors, such as the project’s scope and size, required equipment and materials, and the project site’s location. Generally, the contractors charge per m2 for their services, with the average cost ranging from £40 to £50 per m2.

You should consider various critical factors before selecting a particular contractor for your commercial project. For this purpose, you should conduct extensive research and compare the quotes and services of different contractors. Ask the contractors about references and check customer reviews on their websites.

You should also ask them if they are insured and licenced to ensure safe project completion. Moreover, after discussing your project, you should get a written quote from the contractors and verify their experience and credentials from past clients.