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The car park surface is a vital factor to account for, given the space’s functionality. A well-maintained car park space augments the building’s aesthetics and casts a positive image of your brand. If you have an extensively damaged car park surface in your commercial setting, it will be wise to replace it with a new striking surface.

1st Choice Driveways & Surfacing LTD has immense experience in the field with a vast pool of hundreds of satisfied clients. We offer highly affordable yet premium services for car park resurfacing near West Yorkshire. Our team utilises cutting-edge equipment and techniques for smooth and long-lasting resurfacing. Contact us today to book our services or get a quote for your project.

Our Process of Car Park Resurfacing

While the resurfacing process may differ based on several factors, a typical procedure includes certain steps:

  1. We remove the existing layers and excavate the area to prepare it for resurfacing.
  2. An impermeable membrane is installed to stop the weed growth through the tarmac.
  3. A base comprising cement and sand is laid to provide a resilient platform.
  4. A sub-base is laid on the top and compacted properly to avoid uneven settlement.
  5. The tarmac is spread on top of the sub-base to provide an even and solid surface.
  6. Finally, the tarmac layer is smoothened and compacted with a roller.

What Do Our Resurfacing Services Include?

We are providing a complete range of services, including:

  • New car park surfacing
  • Car park resurfacing
  • Commercial car park repairs
  • White lining

Cost of Car Park Resurfacing

Car park resurfacing cost depends on multiple parameters, including:

  • Size of the area
  • Access to area
  • Labour requirements
  • Additional features
  • Existing condition

You can contact our experts through a phone call to receive an instant and precise quote for your project.

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With years of intricate and reliable services, we have become a highly trusted car park resurfacing company in the area. Our legacy includes hundreds of accomplished projects with highly satisfied clients. Contact us today to renew your car park surface or receive an instant quote for your project.

Why Choose Our Services?

Vast & Versatile Experience

1st Choice Driveways has a vast and versatile experience with numerous happy clients and successfully completed projects. We aim to leave our clients happy after every project.

Robust Skill Set

No matter the scale and complexity of the project, our team has a diverse skill set to carry out any resurfacing job efficiently.

Cutting-Edge Equipment

We employ the latest tools and techniques to bring efficiency, finesse, and premium work quality to every domestic and commercial resurfacing project.

Guaranteed Work

The superior workmanship of our teams guarantees durability, sturdiness and long life for every surface.

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Depending on different factors, such as subsurface soil conditions, weather and traffic, the average life span of a car park can be around 20 to 30 years.

Yes, proper drainage is essential to ensure longevity and durability. Prolonged water pooling on the surface can cause damage to it by compromising bonds between materials.

Yes, we offer car park surface repairs at highly affordable costs. You can contact us to get more details.