Block Paving in Bradford

Low-Maintenance: Owing to the strongest materials used in its construction, block paving requires minimal to no maintenance. It is resistant to rain, snow, wind, and UV rays and may need to be cleaned occasionally.

Versatile: Because of the many styles, colours, and sizes available, blocks can be utilised for a wide range of projects.

Block paving is a versatile solution to transform ordinary spaces, such as pathways and driveways, into durable, functional and more visually appealing areas. One of the top benefits of block paving is its low maintenance requirements; it doesn’t need repainting, top-polishing, and frequent cleaning and washing.

First Choice Driveways & Surfacing LTD is the top block paving supplier in Bradford, specialising in creating durable and functional driveway surfaces. With our top-notch services of block paving in Bradford, we do not just make your driveway stronger but also boost its appearance.      

Advantages of Block Paving

Wide Range of Designs and Colours: We offer a vast range of block paving in various sizes, styles, and colours, giving you multiple options to choose from.

Boosts Curb Appeal: High-quality and attractive driveways enhance your property’s overall appearance, making it more attractive to future buyers.

Durable: When constructed properly, block paving can endure high pressure and weight and is resistant to chemicals, oils, and salts due to its highly robust material.

Longevity: If correctly installed and maintained, block paving can endure up to 20 years or more.

Block Paving Types We Offer

As block paving contractors in Bradford, we deliver the following:

Clay Block Paving: This is made from clay and baked at an exceedingly high temperature in a kiln. It produces a hard-wearing and extremely durable surface with good slip-resistant qualities.


  • Long-lasting
  • Low-maintenance
  • A wide variety of colours
  • Fade-resistance

Concrete Block Paving: These slabs are made by squeezing a concrete mixture into a mould and allowing it to cure; this makes the blocks uniform and boosts their strength and density.


  • Durable
  • Low-maintenance
  • Porous material
  • A wide variety of colours

How Do You Install Block Paving?

We install the block paving in Bradford by following these steps:

  • We will create a construction drawing to get an accurate idea of the driveway’s layout and measurements.
  • Our experts block paving installers will start digging to the appropriate depth.
  • Following that, the sub-base material will be spread out to level the driveway surface.
  • We will set up the edge restraints and spread the course and screed to level the surface.
  • Now, the driveway surface is fully ready to place blocks. Our installers will arrange different coloured blocks to achieve the best results.
  • To check the alignment of the blocks, we’ll employ string lines.
  • Lastly, we will trim the edges to complete the look.

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Block paving is a popular choice due to its permeability. Water, unlike concrete, will be absorbed by the paving blocks, minimising the risk of slipping as well as the possible harm caused by water in case of poor drainage.

Block paving is fairly simple to maintain; it can be easily cleaned with regular washing using pressure water and soapy water. After washing, make sure that all cleaning agents are removed from the blocks.

Thanks to its extensive range of patterns, sizes, colours, and shapes, block paving gives you multiple customisation options.