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Elevate your property’s curb appeal with the timeless elegance of a skilfully crafted block paving driveway. Block paving is a versatile choice commonly found in driveways, sidewalks, patios, pathways and road surfaces. Its popularity arises from the extensive advantages it offers. It is cost-effective and durable compared to alternative options and, if properly maintained, can last a long time.

First Choice Driveways and Surfacing is the top block paving supplier in Leeds. We have a professional team who pays keen attention to clients’ requirements, efficiently building the block paving driveways, which are both functional and aesthetic. We also provide customised services according to the client’s needs.

Benefits of Block Paving

Visually Appealing: Block paving is available in different styles, enhancing your driveways’ overall appearance.

Durability: The material used in block paving makes it a very durable choice and never wears out from regular usage. It can easily last for 20 years.

Low Maintenance: Due to its material, block paving requires very low maintenance, and it is very easy to clean; you can simply use soap and water.

Porous Nature: The material used in block paving is porous in nature, which means it will absorb water and not let it gather.

Versatility: Block paving is available in many colours and designs, and you can customise them according to your requirements.

Repairable: They are easily repairable; minor cracks and scars can be repaired, and separate bricks are also replaceable.

Cost Effective: Block paving is one of the most cost-effective options for driveways, ponds and seating areas.

Easy Installation: Block paving is very easy to install, and no special equipment or tools are required.

Block Paving Types

There are two types of block paving:

Concrete block paving

  • Concrete block paving in Leeds comes with two types of surfaces: smooth and rough.
  • Primarily suitable for heavy-duty applications.
  • Supports the load and resists shearing and brake forces.
  • Comes in various colours due to metallic oxides.

Clay block paving

  • Clay block paving is also known as “bricks or cobbles”.
  • Mostly available in a rectangular brick shape; custom-shape can also be crafted.
  • Only available in natural colours
  • Typically used for walls and pillars.

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Our block paving contractors in Leeds have been crafting ideal driveways for clients for years. We use a material that is high quality and approved by a safety assurance company.

Other driveway surfaces we provide:

  • Resin
  • Tarmac
  • Flagstone
  • Gravel

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Our Installation Process

As expert block paving installers in town, we follow a systematic approach:

Step 1: Design

In the first step, you will choose the design, colours and finish suitable for your property and your requirements.

Step 2: Excavation

Then, we mark out the area that needs to be dug up and start digging until we reach the right depth. While the depth will depend on the current surface, but we ensure the finished driveway is 150mm below the damp-proof part of the property.

Step 3: Edge Restraints

Next, we create a concrete base and place the kerb or edge restraint on the top at the right level. We use a string line to ensure it’s on the right level, before we mortar the kerb unit or edge restraint to a concrete base with a trowel and rubber mallet.

Step 4: Subbase

Using a strong material called MOT Type 1 Roadstone between the edge restraints, we level it until it reaches the correct height. Then we smooth it, pressing it down with a vibrating plate, ensuring the perfect thickness.

Step 5: Screeding

The next step involves adding the layer of slightly damp sand to a depth of 50mm and setting it with a vibrating plate. Then again, we add the layer of 20mm and level it with string lines, screeding rails and straight edge.

Step 6: Paving Installation

We start the installation from the bottom of the slope and from the right angle, then place the blocks over the laying course, around 45mm above the required finished level.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

We apply the kiln dried sand across the driveway and settle it with a vibrating plate, repeating the process until all joints are full of sand.


  • Material
  • Base or groundwork
  • Labour cost
  • Excavation or waste disposal

Yes, it is popular because of its permeability. Made up of porous material, it is a very environmentally stable choice.

It comes in various colours like charcoal, red, stone, yellow and slate.

One of the main advantages of block paving is that it can be fully customised in terms of colours, shapes, patterns and sizes to create a unique look.